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not that anyone this is really directed toward is going to read this, but

please human beings stop sending me asks or replies about that neil gaiman thing

i do not do human interaction well and i am shaky and freaking out and i really need you guys to stop

please strangers please stop trying to contact me

i know it doesn’t mean anything at all to you, but it makes me really uncomfortable and also i internalize it into more things to hate about myself so like just please

So you know (this may not help, and it’s more public than I’d like, but you’ve turned off your asks), I loved your comment, reblogged it because I thought it was interesting and was just fascinated by the different ways people used words and thought about speaking and swearing. I’m really sorry if anyone took that as a reason to be mean to you, and sorrier if you somehow thought you’d disgraced yourself in front of me or the world. It’s the internet, and there are all sorts of people and opinions here: the only ones that disappoint me are the mean ones and the unkind ones, and yours wasn’t that in any way. Don’t worry. The world is still a good place. We are friends, wherever the fuck goes in unbelievable. Breathe.



Twelve statues of Jain Tirthankara idols which could date back to as early as the 4th-5th century AD, have been found at Keesaragutta temple on the outskirts the Indian city of Hyderabad, Indian media reported on Tuesday.

"Twelve panchaloha idols of the Jain Tirthankaras were unearthed during…

How very interesting…

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Teenie Harris: Woman seated on car, with steel mill in background, c. 1940–1946


Teenie Harris: Woman seated on car, with steel mill in background, c. 1940–1946

Anonymous said: How did you get over your social anxiety? I have terrible social anxiety.


I focused on analyzing my social interactions for the specific moments of fear that triggered repression, recognizing subtle patterns and correlations that began to reveal various fundamental components of the human psyche and organism, yielding the security of anticipation.

Through this increasing awareness backed by my meticulous organization to minimize risk, I was able to persist through my hesitation. Certain peers supported this newly found initiative while others condemned me because they viewed my ability to break pattern as a threat. In time, my persistence would yield a more intimate, analytical social environment.

It is wise to keep in mind though, there will still remain some degree of inevitable risk in authentic expression because you’re no longer seeking the approval of others. You ultimately have to choose between the momentary pain of rejection, or the perpetual agony of squandering a lifetime of potentially euphoric, co-empowering, intimate relationships.

This is not simple, it will make you uncomfortable, but do it anyways. Stutter and quake through the anxiety until you experience the vivid sensation of yourself taking initiative, and the resulting confidence that this entails.

Good answer.


"Sorcerer." Portrait, 2005. Ken Merfeld Photography (x)


"Sorcerer." Portrait, 2005. Ken Merfeld Photography (x)

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This is an exceptional article.

And it has been an exceptional morning.


Banksy, Bristol

taracrow said: Dude, wtf happened? Look, though not a member, I have always found The Starry Bull a wealth of information. I attempted to discover via reading through blogs/comments what the deal was, but to no avail apparently. And, you know, the weird... as always. Do I even want to know? Take care of yourself.




Sannion stated the animal sacrifice was a part of the religious context from which the Thiasos came from, and would be performed by trained individuals who wouldn’t cause needless suffering (for the animals) and would do it for the Chthonic gods.

(Who have a pretty long and documented history of desiring the practice. Like, even Asklepios will still ask for a black cock that has never crowed - I know because it was a demand from one of the healing rituals myself and others did years ago, and that’s exactly what was asked for. We lucked out, as we knew someone with a black cock, who planned to sacrifice it. Anyway.)

People went nuts. People referenced Wiccan ideas. People argued about it. People demanded it change.

At no point did he say THEY had to do it - the fact it was happening at all was just too much to handle.

So Sannion has stepped down. And I am pissed the fuck off.

Well, I saw the animal sacrifice posts and fully understand them. I also understood that someone, somewhere, went nuts. Further, I noted additional posts I’m sure some may have found somewhat disturbing, but I understood the context completely.

I suppose it was all the in-between stuff I missed, which I also could not find to help fill in the blanks. It seemed as though it was a hop-scotch game, and I couldn’t keep up.

Next thing I know, I see the post where Sannion is stepping down.

Thank you for explaining. I greatly appreciate it.

I find this whole thing incredibly sad, and I do understand your feelings. 

A lot of the bullshit went on in the Facebook group, prompted by meaningless “debates.” By non-members. Only a small minority of those actually involved really objected, and even then, they objected to practicing it themselves. (Which I consider fine, in my eyes.)

*nod* This explains a lot. I agree with you in many ways, I’m sure you know.

I’m terribly sorry all this went down.

A mutual friend of ours once told me, “Stick to your core.” I’ve been doing just that, and I have found it tremendously helpful during times of crisis. Seems to me this may be one of those times.

My best to you and the rest of The Starry Bull membership. Hang in there, my friend.